Architectural Photography - Edinburgh

Slight Shift is an Edinburgh consultancy specialising in photography of architecture, the built environment and infastructure. Michael Wolchover is principal and creative director.

Built environment and Infrastructure photography

We work with architects, property developers and construction companies to interpret all stages of construction from site preparation to completion and the relationship of buildings and engineering works with their environment.

With over 30 years experience in the industry we offer creativity, reliability and integrity. Examples of all aspects of this work can be found in our projects area.

Michael Wolchover is also known for his work with artists and makers and arts organisations. To see examples select Working with Artists or Gallery Installation in the projects area.

Interpretive media design

We also provide interpretive media design services including a/v and video production, prints, presentations and specialist publications; typical clients are design and marketing companies.

Print Portfolios

A recent innovation is the publication of Fine Art prints either as individual works or as a suite to accompany a completed photographic project. They will be printed in small editions, available either singly or as a set, priced accordingly.

Print portfolios are listed in the projects area. Currently available:

Sugarhouse Close: Landmarks: Structures


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