Michael Wolchover/Michaelson Design

Michael Wolchover/Michaelson Design

I am a photographer, specialising in documenting the built environment, working with artists to record their work and using photographic images as source material for textile and surface design.

Built environment and Infrastructure photography

I work with architects, developers and contractors to interpret all stages of construction from demolition and site preparation to completion and the relationship of buildings and engineering works with their environment. 

Examples of this work can be found in our projects area.

I am also known for my work with artists, makers, galleries and arts organisations.

To see examples select Working with Artists or Gallery Installation in the projects area.

Michaelson Design

I also use some of the photographic imagery generated by my contextual work in the built environment, to create designs for printed textiles and other surface applications.  

See MICHAELSON DESIGN in the projects area.




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