What's the Point?

My exhibition 'What's the Point?' at Attic Salt Gallery in 2010 was a major retrospective of my career in photography and visual media. The gallery installation was designed to resemble a series of hugely enlarged thumbnail sheets from which prints could be selected.  

The exhibition presented a collection of lens-based work spanning forty years, comprising mainly images 'found' during the course of commissions. B/W negative, colour transparency and evolving digital technology were all represented, with the most recent work heading into print-making territory.

Most of the images can still be purchased on line.  Prints can be selected from the thumbnails by description and co-ordinates and ordered by email or by telephone to Attic Salt 0131 225 2093 or Michael Wolchover 07831300784.

Most images can be printed at any size and priced accordingly but as an indication; up to A4 - £25.00, up to A3 - £55.00, up to Super A3 - £95.00. Montage prints 50x50cm (in editions of 25) £135. 

Other sizes can be made available to order, please contact to discuss.